How it Works - Music

Music specially chosen by our music and marketing experts to fit your brand.

Studies have shown that the right music at the point of sale can make customers stay longer and increase sales.

Optional third party messages played at your business location adds a potential new revenue stream for your company and can give products a hefty increase in sales.

How it Works - Messages

Play specialized custom made messages and product offers when you want.

Our current ad network includes 96 grocery locations and 86.000 daily shoppers.

If you are interested in advertising your product in our network press HERE or contact sales@megafone.is


We like to keep it simple and easy. That's why we offer a solid plug and play option for your business. Just hook it up and start streaming your marketing materials with ongoing gapless playback and volume leveled quality sound.

We are very passionate about music. And that means we care about the musicians that make it. We make sure everyone gets their fair share. A win-win, if you will.

Our playlists are put to together to fit brands and transmit certain moods. Our goal is to create a unique and positive atmosphere for your customers and employees. We update everything regularly so the music is always fresh.


Analysis & Consultation

At its core, Megafone is about effective marketing, and getting results. To get the best results, you need to know how to blend music and messages together seamlessly for your brand(s) and your business. Our experienced marketing experts can help with that.

Good service is giving customers what they want. For Megafone that means having our personal service representative available at your fingertips, anytime of the day. Taking care of your service needs is one of our top priorities.


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